Health is Wealth : 5 Tips to Stay Healthy

Health is Wealth 5 Tips to Stay Healthy (2)You’ve probably been hearing the statement “Health is Wealth” since childhood. It is such a simple statement but its meaning and sense is so deep and tremendous. The two (health and wealth) are like to two sides of the same coin; a fit and healthy person is more likely to be happy and have a positive approach to life. Without catering for their health, few people would be able to work productively. It is this kind of wealth that we use to buy success, career and leisure. It is therefore important for us to formulate our lives in a way that makes it possible to live happily and without much stress and strain.

Make it a point to stay healthy by following the five simple tips outlined below:

Health is Wealth 5 Tips to Stay Healthy (1)1. Take care of the food

Avoid eating unhealthy food that is packed with unnecessarily high amounts of calories. More often than not, these slowly take a toll on your body leading to heart disease, high cholesterol levels and weight gain. Instead, eat a balanced diet that must include seasonal fruits that are rich in vitamins, fibers, and proteins. Other foodstuffs that make a balanced diet are vegetables, milk poultry, lean meat and whole grain foods. You mustn’t necessary remove those delicious deserts from your diet, but practicing a little moderation at the beginning will ensure that you never reach a point where they are harmful to your health. You should also take lots of fluids – be it water or as a smoothies. Your body needs 8-9 glasses of water per day to flush your system and keeps your skin looking good and healthy.

2. Always take breakfast

Never skip breakfast, this is because your metabolic rate will gradually reduce leading to weight gain and other digestion problems. Taking breakfast leads to increased concentration, improves focus and helps control weight.

3. Exercise regularly

This is an absolute must; aerobics, workouts, yoga, jogging and walking regulates heart rate hence providing your body with more energy to work hard and diligently throughout the day. Scheduling early morning workouts won’t make you feel lazy during the day; it releases muscle tension and improves blood circulation giving you a stronger mind and body.

4. Avoid smoking and control your drinking

Sooner or later smoking ruins your health. Apart from serious medical conditions such as cancer, respiratory diseases and heart problems, it also kills your motivation and reduces your productivity. Taken in moderation, alcohol may relax you, but over-consumption leads to strokes and heart diseases in the future.

Health is Wealth 5 Tips to Stay Healthy (1)

5. Proper sleep

Sleep is important as it gives your mind a much needed rest, relaxes you and keeps you healthy. It is recommended that adults get a minimum 8 hours of sleep every day.